Path to Victory

'Authentic LEADERSHIP in Service of Minnesota's Bright Future' IPM-1st-CD

Path to Victory
 Prime Questions:Frontline Insights
 How do Voters approach the voting process for events and activities?
 How does IPM fit in this consideration set?
 What is the perception of IPM?
 What drives the decision to vote for IPM?
 Are there challenges that are barriers to voting for IPM?
 Does IPM have the right campaign “inventory” or “mix”?
 How can we engage Voters further?
Path to Victory:
Define Common Voter Needs
The primary focus will be to provide a diagnostic and profile of the IPM Voter –  inclusive of common Voter needs, the importance of those needs in driving their voting decision, and the key levers IPM can pull in order to gain voter share.
Design Decision Journey 
The project will provide important intelligence on key differentiators (and potential untapped strategic levers) to drive acquisition of new IPM Voters while deepening of the existing IPM Voter base.
“As a means to a strategy to identify
independent-minded voters, this type
of data is long overdue.”  
- Tim Gieseke;
2014 Lt. Governor CandidateBreakthrough Information
Breakthrough Information:
Path to Victory 2014 will provide the voter insights needed for our slate of Executive Officers and our federal office candidates.  Quality information plus quality candidates translate into quality results in November!
Tom HornerWe need this market research to help build a superior third choice for the future of our party and our state.  We are depending upon your support now to have the insights needed to combat the status quo.  
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